Please Pray! Oct.8,2015

We we have been in Florida for about a week.  We are settled (some what) into an apartment at the AIM retirement home that I worked at for three years.  It is a blessing to have a small place to be our base for our time in FL.
But I am writing to ask that you pray with us for our remaining time here in the US.  With only 26 days left, I am feeling the toll of many months of travel, as well as the need to get so many things done before we leave.  I am very overwhelmed and without my network of wonderful prayer partners and team mates to help me through this time, I am struggling a bit.  So please pray for us.  Many things are still needing to get done, and time is growing too short.  I need to get things organized and am finding that hard.  Thank you for your prayers in this area.  It is truly I believe how the Lord has kept me and my family going all these years, is through your prayers!  Thank You
We are looking forward to this weekend, when Aline will be able to spend a long weekend with us!!  This may be the last time we get to have a “sleep over” before we go back so we are very excited.
We are seeing the Lord work in the hearts of people and some have come alongside us to stand with us in our ministry. We are so blessed by this.  We still have a ways to go before we are going to be fulling supported.
We still need about $1000 per month to met the amount that AIM is asking us to raise.
That is just 10 families giving a hundred dollars a month!
That is less that $3.50 a day.
Would you please pray about being one of those families?   Or any other amount that the Lord leads you to give.
We have three more speaking events while in FL.  I will Fb when those events are happening so that you can stand with us in prayer.  We also have more family that we have not been able to see yet, that we are hoping it works out to see.  We have seen the Lord doing great things, like providing a car for us to use this month we are down here.  I have the wonderful AIM US office folks to thank for that, as one is loaning their car and another drove it down to FL to be waiting for us when we got here!  What a HUGE blessing!  The rental car business and I are not on good terms at this point!  So thank you Lord for providing for us this way and to each of you involved!
I could tell you of so many ways the Lord has opened doors and has blessed us.  We have even be able to look at a few colleges for Tabitha as the next time we will be stateside is for her to start college.  So it was a blessing to get to see some places this time.  Although she is still thinking and praying about what she wants to do and where to go.
I guess I will close this update with other prayer request as this is really what we need the most, for the saints (ya’ll) to be praying for us!!!!
* That I can get the schooling needs worked out for Tabitha, books and shipping in the time remaining
* That I can get the many, many things done that need to be done
* That I can chose wisely on what I can do and can’t do in this time
* That though I am overwhelmed that we can still enjoy our remaining time with Aline and other family and friends here, that the “things” won’t push out the people
If you have question about what we are doing in Uganda, please watch the 2015 update video!!!
Here a a few photos from along the way this past three months:
Blackburn Family Reunion July 4th, Alabama, US
Supporter get together at Compass Point Church, Ontario, Canada
Family fun with Frank’s family
A first for some of the Kids!!  Niagara Fall, Canada
Toews Family Reunion, Manitoba, Canada  Thank you all what a blessing!IMG_2778
Family fun with my family, Alabama
Early Thanksgiving with my family!!  Thank you mom and Kym!  It was soon good!