2015 Home Assignment Update

We are in the last 10 days of a 3 month trip that will, when completed on October 1st, will have taken us into 18 US states and 2 Canadian provinces. I have driven a total of 6,000 miles and been blessed with meeting with so many wonderful folks that are standing with us in our ministry.  I thank each and everyone of you that have hosted us, listened to us share our story and asked questions about what our next term with hold.


We have been so encouraged by all of you.  Though we are so very tired at this point and ask for continued prayers as we finish up these last few days, we also see so many blessing and answered prayers.


I will be taking the next few weeks before we leave back to the field, on Nov. 3, to tell you all more about our time here and what we are looking to be doing this next three years in Uganda.  But I wanted to get the post out and share the update video with all of you online.  I have gotten the great support of our US AIM office and the guys there that have helped me to be able to post this and given me instruction on how to keep doing this in the future, as I had not known how to update this site before.  So with that information I am hoping to be able to keep up with all of you better this term.


So please check out the 2015 Ministry Report Video.