Update, April 2013


April  2013

Thank you for joining our Team!

I want to start by thanking those that have joined our support team in the last two weeks!  I am praising the Lord that you are helping us get to, and stay in Tororo, Uganda. We needed $1400 monthly support and now we are down to needing just $1200 monthly.   Thank you!

I want to take the next few weeks to give you more information about what we are doing.  This week we will focus on the ministry that we are going to be working with, Smile Africa.


SMILE Africa  

Ruth Kahawa, Uganda national, started Smile Africa to help met the needs that she saw as she worked with those with HIV/AIDs.  In 1996, she started a family compassion, to help widows, orphans and street children begin to learn trades that were income generating so they can begin to meet some of their needs.

In 2007, she started a rehabilitation program to provide food, education, medication and basic necessities to the street children.  After witnessing a street child named Maria, die after eating poisoned meat pulled from the mouth of a rat.  Maria found the meat with a dead rat attached to it still, others saw her find and started chasing her to get the meat.   So she ate it whole, she died within hours.

Today this program is feeding about 400 children two meals a day.  There is a clinic, clothing and baths are available and the children are being taught reading and math. These children leave the compound daily to go back to the streets to sleep where they can.   Many live in mud huts with a grass roof, no larger than a small tool shed.  These mud buildings collapse when the rains come and often children are hurt.  They are praying for classrooms and dorms, to be able to care for the children better.

AIM’s  work with SMILE

AIM has been sending short term volunteers there for a number of years.  We have a good work relationship with Ruth Kahawa, the founder.  She has asked AIM for a number of years to send full time workers there.  She would like for us to see to the spiritual development of the children and families.  To build long term relationship with the people, to mentor these children.  To help the widows to be more self-sufficient.

I will tell you more about how we are hoping to do that soon…..


Please Pray with Us:

–       As I speak in a church on Sunday, April 7th, and then leave for training that afternoon, 7th-12th.

–       For Aline’s acceptance to RVA, still no word yet, keep praying!

–       For the $1,200 needed per month in support. Praise the Lord for those that have joined us!

–       For the $ 20,000 outgoing/relocation needed.

–       For me to be able to rent our house and sell our van in a  timely manner.

I want to thank each of you that stands with us in support and prayers, I am grateful for each of you.  I know it is through you that we are able to serve.