Toews’ have an assignment!

March 2013

Extra, Extra, The Toews have an assignment!!!

We are excited to announce that I have been asked to lead the AIM Team, in Tororo, Uganda.  We are hoping to depart for the field on August 1, 2013!

I will be leading a team of new AIM missionaries that will be working with an Uganda ministry that reaches out to widows and street children, many are orphans.

I have at this time three single gals coming to work on this team, with a few others thinking and praying about joining us. We will be a Curriculum Based Team,(CBT) meaning that I will lead them through a set curriculum covering things like Orientation, Prayer, Teamship, language learning and outreach. We will meet weekly as a team, as well as one-on-one with me once a month to mentor and help them along.

The ministry we will be working with is SMILE Africa. ( SMILE Africa is a feeding program and outreach to the street children of the Karimojong tribe.  They are serving about 400 children a day that come to the compound for:  Two meals a day, baths, clothing, and medical care.

Tororo, Uganda is about 3 hours east of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.  It is just inside Uganda about 10 miles from the Kenyan boarder.  Tororo is on the main road from Kampala to Nairobi.  The town had 300,000 people as of the 2010 census.

What will our team be doing?

We have been asked to help see to the spiritual growth and development of these children. To access the needs and to write a Bible based, cultural appropriate curriculum to be used to teach these children the Love of the Lord.  To help put this curriculum in place, to teach the national workers to implement it into the daily actives at the compound. So the children are taught of His love while feeling His love by having some of their physical needs met.

We have also been asked to look into ways to empower the widows to care for their children and help them to achieve this goal.

Most of these children are from the Karamjong tribe.  This tribe is a despised in the area and so when a family is widowed or orphaned they often end up on the streets.

What about the Toews’ kids?

Aline has applied to Rift Valley Academy, (RVA), AIM’s boarding school in Kenya. We are still praying and waiting to hear if she has been accepted. We should hear after April 1st.

Tabitha, Teagan, and Loewen, will be staying with me and I will be home schooling them.  I am working hard to make sure everything that they will need is in place, and working with two Special education teachers to help me on the field to make sure Tabitha is getting everything she needs.

I will be taking the next few weeks to tell you all the details of what we are doing and hope to explain and answer questions on each of the areas I have laid out here. So please be looking for more information to come.

What the Lord has been doing in our lives.

Finding the right assignment for us started back in June 2012. It has been a long process, with many ups and downs along the way. But one thing we have seen is that the Lord has been working.  From looking at assignments that I felt were good for me, or ones good for the kids, but we were still waiting for the one we felt was good for both me and the kids.  We believe that we have found that.

AIM home office, in Uganda, and I all feel that this is the assignment we were waiting for.  We praise the Lord to have been asked.  I am looking forward to leading this team, helping these new missionaries adjust and adapt to the field, as well as using our life experiences to help these Ugandan widows and children.

Please Pray with Us:

–       As I work through some extra training that AIM wants me to have for this assignment.

–       As I try to do all the paper work needed for each step of this process to get to the field again.

–       For the AIM, Tororo Team, that we will come together as a team.

–       For Aline’s acceptance to RVA.

–       For the $1,400 needed per month to get and keep us there working.

–       For the $ 20,000 outgoing/relocation needed.

–       For me to be able to rent our house and sell our van in a  timely manner.

I want to thank each of you that stands with us in support and prayers, I am grateful for each of you.  I know it is through you that we are able to serve.

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Serving Christ through Missions,

Tiffany Toews
with Aline, Tabitha, Teagan, and Loewen