Thank you summer 2012

Dear Friends,


This is a brief video update on how we are, what we are doing and what it all looks like!  I can’t say enough how much your support means to us.   In fact, I know I don’t say it enough.  SO  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


We made this and got it put together in the summer. We have enjoyed the ministry at AIM retirement community.  The Lord has blessed us with being here to serve and provide for his servants that have given for so long.  We are honored to be here. However, as we have healed, we have found our heart is still to serve the mission in Africa.  So we have been praying and looking into steps to return to the field.


Since this DVD was made, I have made two trips to AIM headquarters in GA.  I was asked to stay for this year (school year), as there have been many changes in the kitchen staff and I am the one that has been there the longest now with two years.  But with that time frame in mind, we are hoping to have a new assignment back in Africa for the following year.  Summer of 2013, we are looking to return to the field.


The trips that I have made to headquarters, have been very good and also productive.  We have been approved as a family to go back, having met all the things that AIM wanted to see us do while we were stateside.  We have gotten an approved educational plan for the kids, and are now looking at ministry options in a few different places.  The countries that we are looking into at this time are Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Namibia.  Nothing is for sure yet, but we will be seeking the Lords directions in all these matters.  He has always guided us, even in the storms of our life.  We trust Him to show us these next steps as well.


I will of course be letting you all know more as we do.  For now I would ask that you PRAY for us.

  • As we serve here at the retirement home
  • As we seek a new assignment back overseas
  • As we look at each place and ministry to see where we as a family would fit the best.
  • That we would be listening and follow the Lord’s leading in our lives
  • That He would make His way clear to us as a family


The kids and I are all doing well, and as is school for each of the kids.  We are all excited about and looking forward to the future.  But we are all also enjoying the things and places in our lives right now.

The kids have grown to think of this as home, so looking at picking up our missionary life of travel again, is not a light choice.  But as we prayed and talked about it as a family, I think Teagan summed it up the best.  She said “Well, when it comes down to it, we are missionaries, this is what we do.”


So again, please as you watch this update, know that the things that we have been able to do, the healing that we have found and that path that we are following, have been made possible because of friends and supporters like you.  We thank you for that from the bottom of our hearts.  You have been the hand of God in our lives.


Thank you,


Tiffany Toews and kids